Noise Academy LTD is a VAT registered company

DJ & Music Production programmes

(Minimum of a 5/6 week booking required / half a school term)

Prices are based on us delivering sessions in 121’s, pairs or groups of 3 across your school day. Each session typically lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour or 1 session per period (It’s up to you)

Full School day (4-6 hours) = £200+VAT
Half a school day(1-3 hours) = £150+VAT

NOTE: All equipment is provided.

Beatbox Assembly

Schools often request that we deliver sessions to keys stages or year groups at a time.

1 x 1 hour session = £250+VAT
2 x 1 hour session = £350+VAT
3 x 1 hour session = £400+VAT
4 x 1 hour sessions = £500+VAT


Please contact us to discuss our workshop fees as prices vary based on group sizes and durations.

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