✓ Include SEND children 

✓ Enhance musical experiences 
✓ Encourage wider collaboration with pupils 
✓ Engage more pupils & inspire greater participation 
✓ Inculcate discipline, teamwork & cooperation 
✓ Increase self-confidence, decision making & social skills 
✓ Promote creativity & communication

Noise Academy plays a key role in supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities through use of Music Technology. 

Noise Academy complements other music teaching, while encouraging wider communication and collaboration with other pupils.

Our tutors strive to inspire, motivate and stretch pupils, including those reluctant to engage with music; help extend musical experiences; and help children with additional needs to further engage in music making.

Music technology can inspire and motivate pupils to engage with music who may not have done so previously, and can facilitate wider participation. It can also help improve the lives of those children who live in challenging circumstances, and benefit those moving on to the creative industries by giving early exposure to industry standard equipment and processes. 

Educational outcomes among ‘looked after’ children remain significantly lower than those for all children. Their involvement in learning outside the classroom and in after-school activities is a key element in increasing the level of progress they make as well as gaining musical and production experience.

Other studies have shown different benefits from participating in music groups and needing to work together towards a common goal, for example, performance occasions. These include discipline, teamwork, cooperation, self- confidence, decision making, positive self-responsibility and social skills.

Ultimately, the programmes aim to empower individuals and equip them with the necessary tools and skills required to progress further within the music industry or to simply enjoy a sense of success; this will improve self-confidence which will, in turn, further engage students, driving academic progress and attainment.

By participating in our sessions, students will have the chance to work in groups, create their own masterpieces and perform in front of their peers, both individually and as a group. We believe that working together and being productive in groups help develop key skills like team building, co-operation, creativity and communication skills.

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