Primary & Secondary


Our Dj programmes work really well with Primary Schools. We can offer programmes that last half a school term as a reward for hard working students or as an incentive to improve behaviour. We can also offer placements that last up to the full academic year and longer. Don’t forget about our Beatbox assembly!

We deliver programmes every other half term at the Morley Newlands Academy in Leeds and they select a new class each time. That’s right, we are able to work with a full class in a school day working with 10 groups of 3 each week in 30 minute sessions!

“Our pupils were engaged from start to finish” –  St Peter at Gowts Church of England Primary School.


“The work that Noise Academy have undertaken with pupils from Morley Newlands has been amazing. Every week, children arrive with a spring in their step, eager to meet with their mentor and learn more mixing skills. We have seen a positive impact on attendance and engagement from the pupils that have taken part in this project and the quality of what they have produced at the end has been exceptional. Not only has Noise Academy provided pupils with the opportunity to learn new and interesting skills, but it has also allowed children to really shine and share their talents with their peers and families. I have no doubt that we now have several budding DJs in our school who will go on to develop a lasting love and appreciation of music thanks to Noise Academy’s involvement.”

Graham Parry – Vice Principal, Morley Newlands Academy


Many of our secondary school placements fit along side any other peripatetic music lesson being delivered in the music department like Drums or Guitar. The sessions can be paid for directly by the school or there is the option for parents to pay for the sessions from just £10 per week (based on 10 pairs in 30 minute sessions) 

Please note – We require your school to organise the sign up process and we would never deal with parents directly. Your finance department would be in charge of chasing payments and we would invoice the school.

We are more than happy to help create a buzz around school by providing you with promotional material to send out your students and there is of course the option for us to deliver to a free introductory workshop to #makesomenoise 

The Majority of our secondary schools pay us from their own budgets as we have a big focus around behaviour, Inclusion & SEMH. This means we have on going relationships with senior leadership teams who hand pick the students they would like us to work with on a weekly basis. 


Please note:

    • Sessions will be on rotation each week so that students don’t miss their core subjects repeatedly.
    • We arrange a timetable that fits in line with your school day, ideally in 30 minute slots.
    • We require a minimum of 14 students to sign up per school day.
    • We can deliver up to 10 x 30 minute session in pairs in a school day, totalling 20 students.
    • If there is a high demand we can discuss an additional day to deliver the sessions.
    • All ages and experience are welcome.
    • All of our tutors are DBS cleared with public liability insurance of up to 5 Million 
    • All of our tutors have been recruited through a ‘safer recruitment process’ 
    • All contracts and documetation will be sent via our HR team after confirmation of delivery.

    Open evenings

    We have played a part in many open evenings along side a schools music department to help encourage students to sign up for GCSE Music or to create some excitement for current year 6’s looking around school. We also bring all of our own equipment and will gladly talk to parents and students about our work in school.

    Find out more information about how we can work with your behavior & Inclusion department