Timetables and structures

DJ & Music Production programme structures

  • We are extremely flexible with our school timetables but a typical structure includes us delivering up to 10 sessions in 121’s, pairs or small groups.
  • Our programmes last half a school term minimum (or 5/6 weekly sessions)
  • We seek to hold a one day a week placement for a full academic year. This way we can target a high volume of students at each school.
  • Each session usually lasts for 30 minutes or for the duration of a schools period. (It’s your choice!)
  • Prior to starting we arrange a suitable day to come in each week which will always be the same unless both parties have agreed to change.
  • Students can be on rotation so they don’t miss the same lesson each week.

DJ & Music Production programme structures

  • We send your lead teacher a timetable document which should be filled in and sent back to us before starting.
  • We do require the same students to attend each week, but can be flexible towards new students starting late.
  • Placements can be delivering across a full school day or half a school day.
  • All ages and experience welcome
  • Please allow 30 minutes for us to both set up and pack down.

Beatbox Assembly structure

  • Please allow 1 hour for us to both setup and pack-down
  • The workshop lasts for 1 hour
  • We can deliver 1-4 sessions in a school day
  • We can work with all groups sizes
  • Some schools prefer to have KS1, then KS2 or Year 9 then Year 10 for example (It is up to you!)
  • All ages and experience welcome


Our workshops structures vary as each booking is different although we can offer:


  • Private sessions and workshops from 1 hour up
  • Weekly workshops
  • One day Music technology workshop experiences.
  • Large groups workshops
  • Pop up workshop
  • Walk-in workshops
  • Workshops that fit inline with your funding incentives and bids.

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