Beatboxing – All from the mouth


We are very proud to be working with some of the UK’s most talented Beatboxers that go up and down the country delivering workshops for us. Their diverse teaching styles enable them to deliver exceptional masterclasses engaging people of all ages. 

We believe that working together and being productive in groups help develop key skills like team building, co-operation, creativity and communication skills.

Mikey Beats – Noise Academy tutor

UK Beatbox Championships

All of our tutors have competed in the UK Beatbox championships which are hosted every year in London. This historic annual all-day event, brings together the country’s top beatbox artists for gladiatorial knock-out of face to face beatbox battles, in five different categories solo, female, team, loopstation and under-18.

The Beatbox Assembly

The Beatbox Assembly involves us hosting an interactive assembly for students of all ages. A typical one hour workshop will start off with an introduction followed by a mind blowing demonstration, leading into several interactive exercises between teachers and students. We introduce students to learning the most popular vocal techniques such as the kick drum, hi hat and snare, using the “Boots and Cats” technique and much more.

The Beatbox Assembly

By participating in our beatbox sessions, students will have the chance to work in groups, create their own rhythms and perform in front of their peers, both individually and as a group.

All group sizes are welcome. Our record is 300 in one group, can you beat this?

The Beatbox Agency

Are you a Beatboxer that’s interested in teaching and leading Workshops on a freelance basis? We would love to hear from you. We are always looking at extending our team and we would love to represent you and find you work in the industry.

“Our Pupils were amazed and enthralled with the assembly delivered by Noise Academy. They learned music skills in a fun and entertaining way and with expert guidance!”

Buckingham Primary Academy – Mrs Bloor

“The beatboxing was great and the children had such a good time and still talk about it!”

Ryecroft Primary Academy – Miss Stephenson

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