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We have a wide range of workshops & programmes to suit most settings and we have written all of our own syllabuses which are tailored towards working with young people.

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Our passion lies in delivering DJ sessions and all of our tutors are emerging artists in the Dance music scene. 

We do not require students to have any previous Dj skills and/or knowledge in music, however we do require all of our tutors to have an extensive knowledge in the art to ensure all of the techniques can be delivered correctly.

We encourage our students to play the music that they like whilst introducing them to new styles of Dance music!

Level 1 Beginner DJ programme

Students will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Djing and will be familiar with the concept of mixing one track into another. They will be able to navigate their way around the basic controls and will have developed confidence in the art by the end of the incentive.

Level 1 – The ABC Method

Through extensive experience teaching beginners of all ages, our A,B,C method is the quickest way to build confidence in the art. The ABC method is broken down into 3 steps. A = Play, B = Volume fade in, and C = Bass change. Although there is more to consider when transitioning between 2 songs, the above are the 3 main steps to start with when building up your students confidence.

Ultimately there is no point teaching students how to beat match if their song phrases aren’t matched, as the musical changes will all fall at different points. Other than jumping into the deep end, we prefer to build our students confidence up quickly by promoting an immediate sense of success which will result in on going engagement and a sense of achievement from day one.

Level 2 Intermediate DJ programme

Level 2 encourages students to DJ without relying on the ABC method. They will learn to use their own initiative to identify when to press play, bring the volume up, change the bass and bring the volume down through their understanding of musical phrases and song structures. Students will learn how to use the EQ’s more effectively which will result in smoother transitions using the ‘High and Low’ EQ parameters. They will also be introduced to new sound effects on the channel strip whilst including all of the techniques learnt in Level 1.

Level 3 Advanced DJ Programme

Our advanced level is focused on beat matching. Throughout the process students will learn the importance of tempos and BPMs and will understand how to manually synchronise two tracks by matching the speeds and using their ears. They will learn how to identify when a mix is out of time and how to amend making use of the Jog Wheel and other techniques. We introduce other advanced tricks like looping as well as incorporating all the key skills learnt previously.

Level 4 Expert DJ Programme

Students that evolve to level 4 will be able to independently beat match with minimal guidance. They will learn how to incorporate loops seamlessly and trigger hot cues to jump in-between certain points of a track. They will learn how chop beats to create complex rhythms using the volume faders whilst making use of full sound effects. Students will also learn how to establish them selves as artists, including creating an online presence, making use of websites like Soundcloud to showcase their DJ mixes. They will also learn how to download and source their own music and begin creating their own playlists independently.

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Level 1 Vinyl DJ
Level 1 Scratch DJ

Noise Academy DJ Tutors

Noise Academy Soundcloud

All of our music is uploaded to our Soundcloud channel at the end of each half term, so students can showcase their work with friends and family. We also introduce students to sharing music online and establishing an artist’s profile.

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