Creating the next generation of Music producers 

Music Production

Our music production programmes are a great way for students to develop their skill set further. As well as learning to DJ, we feel it is very important to learn how to make your own music digitally, especially if you are aspiring to be a DJ.

Real Equipment

We believe that using hardware is a much more effective way to engage students, as sitting on a computer with a mouse and keyboard can get a bit boring for some. 


Maschine Learning

We use the Native Instruments Maschine for all of our music production sessions. The Maschine is a hands-on drum machine and music sequencer that allows students to create rhythms easily, play in bass lines, and make use of a wide range of digital instruments and sound effects.

Apply Logic

Our desired digital audio workstation is Logic Pro X which is Macintosh compatible. Once the rhythms have been created on the Maschine, we then move on to Logic to begin arranging a song structure and essentially start bringing the song to life.

Covering the Fundamentals

We cover the basic fundamentals of producing a song covering key areas such as sound effects, automation, EQ, arrangement, organisation, VST plugins, Midi & Audio, chords and melodies, Mixing and Mastering and remixing techniques, to name a few.

Incentives & National Curriculum

At the end of the incentive students will have their own professionally produced song uploaded to our Soundcloud and Youtube channel.

Our music production programmes can easily fit in line with the National Curriculum and are a great way for students to achieve qualifications.

Programme lengths can vary from a half term up to a full academic year.

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