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Noise Academy offers a unique style of music education that focuses on developing skills such as Djing, music production and beatboxing. Our mission is to increase the number of students engaging in music technology through our innovative programmes, whilst helping them to gain credible qualifications and accreditations.

We launched in September 2015 with backing from The Prince’s Trust, and since then we have built and maintained strong relationships with many schools and organisations across the UK and further afield. We offer a range of programmes, workshops and private sessions and have a growing team of passionate music enthusiasts who aim to plant a seed and nurture each student to achieve their full potential.

"We aim to be the leading organisation supporting djing & music technology in schools across the UK by 2025" - Joe Townsley (Founder of Noise Academy)

Want to book a visit?

We can include your school or centre in our regular school tour where we come to you with all of our equipment and provide hands on music production, DJ and beatboxing workshops.

The tour focuses on Alternative Provision/Behaviour/Pastoral Care budgets as enrichment programmes to get students engaging in school again. We also discuss GCSE/BTEC options and other ways we can tie into your school’s curriculum.



We offer a wide range of programmes, workshops and private sessions to suit everyone.

  • • Primary / Secondary Schools
  • • Boarding Schools
  • • Summer Schools
  • • Community Centres / Youth Clubs
  • • Music Hubs / Music Services
  • • Inclusion centres / Pupil referral units
  • • Special Schools (Supporting SEN)
  • • Youth Justice Services
  • • Charities/Fundraisers
  • • Outreach projects
  • • College / University
  • • Private


Noise Academy School Programmes

We offer a one day a week platform where students can express themselves creatively through arts like DJing, Rapping, Music Production and Beatboxing. Working with students who may previously have found adhering to school structures challenging, our sessions increase motivation to attend school; providing them with a sense of direction and passion.

Ultimately the programmes aim to empower individuals and equip them with the necessary tools and the skills required to progress further within the music industry or to simply enjoy a sense of success. The sense of success will then breed confidence which will consequently further engage students and drive academic progress and attainment.

We are extremely flexible with our timetables but a typical structure includes us working with up to 10 students individually throughout the day. At the end of a half term we usually swap students around to give others the opportunity. We provide; end of term certificates, behaviour and progress reports, an online platform where students can listen to their work and facilitation of industry standard equipment. We engage students of all ages and have experience working with children and young adults with ADD, ADHD, Autistic.


Our music production programmes are a great way for students to develop their skill set further and gain credible qualifications. As well as learning to DJ, we feel it is very important for them to make their own music.

We believe that using hardware is a much more effective way to engage students, as sitting on a computer with a mouse and keyboard can get a bit boring for some.

We use the Native Instruments Maschine for all of our music production sessions. The Maschine is a hands-on drum machine and music sequencer that allows students to create rhythms easily, play in bass lines, and make use of a wide range of digital instruments and sound effects.

Our desired digital audio workstation is Logic Pro X which is Macintosh compatible. Once the rhythms have been created on the Maschine, we then move on to Logic to begin arranging a song structure and essentially start bringing the song to life.

We cover the basic fundamentals of producing a song covering key areas such as sound effects, automation, EQ, arrangement, organisation, VST plugins, Midi & Audio, chords and melodies, Mixing and Mastering and remixing techniques, to name a few.

At the end of the incentive students will have their own professionally produced song uploaded to our Soundcloud and Youtube channel.

Our music production programmes can easily fit in line with the National Curriculum and are a great way for students to achieve qualifications.

Programme lengths can vary from a half term up to a full academic year.

NOTE: All equipment provided


Our DJ programmes are the foundation of where Noise Academy began. We consistently achieve a high level of engagement across the spectrum and have a proven track record of increasing attendance. Our professional tutors specialise in House & Techno music but encourage students to play what they like, whilst introducing them to new genres.

Level 1 Beginner

Students will gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Djing and will be familiar with the concept of mixing one track into another. They will be able to navigate their way around the basic controls and will have developed confidence in the art by the end of the incentive.

Level 2 Intermediate

At intermediate level we step up the pace and talk in depth about beats and bars, phrases, EQ and tempos. We introduce students to new elements on the CDJs and mixer including “Slip Mode”, sound effects and looping. Students are encouraged to use their own initiative to identify when to press play, bring the volume up and change the bass through their understanding of musical phrases and song structures.

Level.3 Advanced

The final advanced level is focused on beat matching. Throughout the process they will learn the importance of tempos and BPMs and will understand how to manually synchronise two tracks by matching the speeds and using their ears. They will learn how to identify when a mix is out of time and how to amend making use of the Jog Wheel and other techniques. We introduce other advanced tricks like looping, scratching, spin backs and chopping as well as incorporating all the key skills they have learnt previously into a professional sounding DJ mix at the end.


We are very proud to be in partnership with several beatboxers across the country including UK beatboxing contestant "Mikey Beats" who delivers many workshops and one-to-one sessions for us. Their diverse teaching styles enable them to deliver exceptional masterclasses engaging people of all ages.

We believe that working together and being productive in groups help develop key skills like team building, co-operation, creativity and communication skills. Mikey Beats - Noise Academy tutor

The Beatbox Assembly

The Beatbox Assembly involves us hosting an interactive assembly for students of all ages. A typical one hour workshop will start off with an introduction followed by a mind blowing demonstration, leading into several interactive exercises between teachers and students. We introduce students to learning the most popular vocal techniques such as the kick drum, hi hat and snare, using the "Boots and Cats" technique. By participating in our beatbox sessions, students will have the chance to work in groups, create their own rhythms and perform in front of their peers, both individually and as a group.


There are many ways in which we can gain students credible qualifications through the National Curriculum. We are able to write programme structures that work alongside each school’s criteria to incorporate Djing and music production into students’ workflow.


NOCN offers a broad range of qualifications and alternative routes for students.


Noise Academy specialises in working alongside the specification for BTEC and GCSE music, working one-to-one with students bringing them right the way through to their practical examinations. We provide music teachers with text and audio evidence of students’ performances throughout the process, which will contribute positively towards their final grade.

AQA Units Award Scheme

The Unit Award Scheme offers learners the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate issued by AQA each time a short unit is successfully completed.

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We also supply our own Noise Academy certificates at the end of each programme to congratulate students on their hard work!


One to one sessions are the quickest way to increase your skill level. We offer Private lessons for everyone from beginner enthusiasts to experienced musicians. Get an overview of the basics at your own pace and brush up on the latest kit with us. Private Lessons can be arranged according to your schedule and customised to fit your learning needs and goals. We offer a home service or have our own private work space if you are willing to travel?

— DJ
— Music Production
— Rap
— Beatboxing

"It's not about what the equipment does, it's about what you can do with the equipment. That's where the soul is" RICHIE HAWTIN


We are part of many outreach projects where we aim to inspire the next generation of musicians, provide more opportunities for music-making in the community and enable people to benefit from the therapeutic effects of music.

We facilitate a walk in music technology workshop where anyone can interact with industry standard DJ equipment, music technology toys, and meet our beatboxers who perform demo's throughout the day.

We also work closely with local music hubs to engage with schools in their area which help us target more students.


The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award scheme has inspired and transformed the lives of millions of young people from all walks of life. From volunteering to physical activities, life skills to expeditions, achieving a DofE Award is a passport to a brighter future, valued by employers and universities.

Our DJ programmes are designed for anyone wishing to fulfil their skills section of their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.



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We have always preferred a personal approach, we feel it’s essential to arrange a preliminary face to face meeting so that both parties are familiar with who they are working with. We thrive of building strong relationships with clients, teachers and students and aim to be as cohesive as possible.