Our mission is to promote access to music technology through our innovative programmes, providing pathways and inspiration for young people to pursue interests and careers in the music industry.

We strive to increase our reach in the number of people accessing lessons through schools that we support, the holiday clubs we deliver and by developing advanced and innovative services through our new Lincoln DJ Hub. We continuously review and develop the company for the benefit of our students by improving our knowledge, our networks, the quality of teaching, the wellbeing of our tutors and by improving efficiency.

We predominantly work in schools currently and deliver sessions to students of all ages, often those considered difficult to engage. We offer a range of programmes and workshops to suit all abilities, from 1:1 sessions to large assemblies. Our aim is to make music technology more accessible through our unique services.

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Joe Townsley


My passion for music and desire to inspire the younger generation led me to independently launch Noise Academy through the Princes Trust enterprise scheme in 2015. I had the pleasure of shadowing the drummer from Status Quo, Jeff Rich, who teaches a Drumming Masterclass in schools. After this experience, I became inspired to work in education and engage young people through my love for DJ skills and music production.

In the beginning, not having any business experience was challenging. But I believe that learning from your mistakes is the best way to move forward in life. My team and I convey this message to our young people. “Do what makes you happy and follow your passion”

After starting out tutoring one school a week, I eventually reached a capacity of five days. I then took on another tutor and all of a sudden I was managing someone. We now have over 50 tutors offering tutoring services across 100 schools a week, along with tutor managers, provision managers, team leaders, finance departments, HR departments, administration, as well as sales and development teams. In my role as Director, I can now focus on really driving the business forward on the creative and development side.

The fact that the company has always remained independent without investments or shareholders is truly something I am proud of, as well as the fact that we are able to inspire and create opportunities for young people and freelance musicians aiming to live out their passion. There are so many talented Djs, Music Producers, Beatboxers, rappers, and street dancers in the United Kingdom that we have the privilege to work with.

Noise Academy LIVE will be the next step for the company. We broadcasted to over 50,000 students at once through a pilot stream in Summer 2022, where over 400 schools came on board. By using interactive methods for students to engage with LIVE streams, I hope to bring this level of music education to all corners of the globe.

Noise Academy have since been supported by Youth Music to help develop their own educational hub alongside receiving numerous awards including; CO-OP Community Champions and The AIM Local Hero Awards (BBC Music introducing) #makesomenoise

Joe Townsley – Director 


Our aim is to engage young people with music through music technology. we teach DJ-ing, Music production and Beatboxing in schools with our professional tutors and industry-standard kit.

All ages welcome and no experience needed.