Creating a direction is what NOISE ACADEMY does best!




Our educational programmes include DJ-ing, music production, and beatboxing. During the last year alone, we delivered sessions to over 30.000 students across the UK. With professional tutors and industry-standard equipment, we guide and support students all the way to unlocking their creative potential.

Through the development of innovative and engaging programmes, we have been able to meet the needs and interests of all students. As well as engaging our students on a social and emotional level, we also give them the tools to re-engage in other aspects of their lives, including academics. Students’ development across all areas can be positively impacted by our sessions, including their social skillscommunication, confidence, and sensory processing, as well as their ability to express themselves and channel their emotions.


As well as helping students engage with music and achieve qualifications, at Noise Academywe endeavour to:

Be inclusive

Inspire the next generation of DJs and producers both male and female.

Help students build confidence, conquer their fears and perform in front of an audience

Get young people excited and passionate about music

Equip students with the hard and soft skills for a career in the music industry

Create an exciting part of the school day

 Get students mixing, producing and collaborating together

We also offer CPD training sessions for your teachers.


  • DJ/Music Production lessons in your setting
  • Lessons once a week (or more if there’s demand)
  • All equipment provided
  • 30-minutes – 1 hour, 1-1 or paired lessons
  • On-going lessons throughout the year
  • Behaviour monitoring
  • Progression and development targets
  • Timetabling if required


Our tutors are professional musicians who are passionate about getting young people excited and engaged with music.

Our tutors require:
• An enhanced DBS check (Update Service)
• 2 references
• ID check
• Completion of Online Safeguarding Course
• Completion of the Noise Academy tutor training programme


We provide creative 1:1 or paired courses that teach students the skills necessary to take them from complete beginners to experts in their desired area, whether it’s DJing, music production, sound tech or rapping/songwriting.

Our skilled tutors use the highest quality hardware and software to captivate and engage students, giving them a
professional experience unlike anything else!


In order to meet the needs of a wide variety of ages and individuals, we have created and developed our own curriculum. The DJ course consists of five modules;
• Level 1 – Beginner DJ skills
• Level 2 – Intermediate DJ skills
• Level 3 – Advanced DJ skills
• Level 4 – Expert DJ skills
• Level 5 – Exploring musical genres

“Noise Academy have been working with some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach pupils and they have been making success.”

Ash Khan – Deputy Headteacher, Sheffield Inclusion Centre


Following completion of each module, students will receive their Noise Academy certificates and have their recorded work uploaded to our Noise Academy Soundcloud for family, friends, and even the world to hear. 
Every week, we provide educational settings with reports detailing students learning, their next steps, and their personal development
We will also send detailed reports at the end of each term showing how students have progressed in the curriculum, their confidence, engagement, and behaviour.
will result in more clear evidence of students development over time.



Our music production courses enable students to learn the skills to confidently create their own music and translate their musical ideas into complete compositions. We support students with writing and structuring lyrics and encourage them to use this as a tool to express themselves. Rap is used to initiate engaging conversations that build a bridge between students’ lives and topics that they may have otherwise been less likely to speak about. This is a great tool for a therapeutic approach and can often help individuals offload pent up emotions. Not only can we facilitate and coach individuals on their singing, song and rap writing techniques, our expert tutors help with flow, timing and staying in key. We also give the artist the tools they need to produce and record their music so that it is 100% their own, original material.

Music Production Course break down:
• Level 1 – Beginner Music Production
• Level 2 – Intermediate Music Production
• Level 3 – Advanced Music Production
• Level 4 – Expert Music Production
• Level 5 – Exploring musical genres


As part of our artist development programme, we cover all
aspects of working in the music industry, including:
• Financial implications
• Social media and marketing
• Content and creative writing
• Branding
• Positive communication and collaboration
• Networking
• Events management
• Sourcing work
Tutors provide specialist advice and support during artist
development sessions, giving people the transferable skills
they need to succeed.

“My son Adam started at Noise Academy in the Autumn of 2022 and it has been the making of him – he has never looked back. Adam has learnt a wealth of skills including DJ’ing, song writing and producing. Every tutor at the Academy is highly skilled and incredibly encouraging. Adam comes out of lessons buzzing and says ‘that was awesome!’ Adam’s family and friends have noticed a big change in Adam since he attended Noise Academy; he is much more confident and driven. I cannot praise them enough; they have gone out of their way to make my son feel welcome and he loves every minute at Noise Academy.”

Kate – Parent review from Trustpilot